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You are invited to the Coast Salish Winter Market at Maplewood Flats!

Join us at the Nature House at Maplewood Flats for our Coast Salish Winter Pop-up Market.
Dates: December 10th – January 8th, Saturdays & Sundays
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm 
Location: Nature House at Maplewood Flats, 2649 Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver

Join us at the Nature House at Maplewood Flats for our Coast Salish Winter Pop-up Market. From December 10th to January 8th (Saturdays & Sundays), the winter market will be filled with music, hot cider, festive food, and gift shopping. You can check out a variety of handmade, artistic, and curated items that make great gifts and support local artists and organizations.

From T-shirts to notebooks, charcuterie boards, totes, candles, seed packets, Osprey Blend Teas, and more! Dress for the weather, bring a friend, and come check out the market; where you can end the day with a beautiful walk along the trails at Maplewood Flats!

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