The Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats hosts a variety of walks and tours throughout the year.

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Things to do at Maplewood flats

The Conservation Area invites exploration and discovery.

You will find a wonderful diversity of life, from the simplest organisms to the most complex. All are linked together in food webs built upon a foundation of green plants that capture the sun’s energy to create the fuel necessary for all animal life. We all share these precious resources of space, air, food and water.


We run a variety of walks and tours throughout the year.


We conduct a variety of workshops from birding, habitat restoration, Coast Salish arts and culture, and many more.


We host a variety of permanent and temporary exhibits at the site.

Annual Osprey Festival

Every year, we host the Osprey Festival

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Our work is made possible with the support of our members, volunteers, social enterprise revenues (nature house rentals and nursery sales), donors and funders – through their time, care, contributions, and grants.