Call for Submissions

Wingspan Magazine is inviting submissions from our members and the public. We are seeking new writing, art, and photography for our next issue which will be enjoyed by 7500 readers across BC.

Yellow-rumped Warbler Audubon in flower tree by Rob Alexander

Topics of Focus

While we welcome submissions on all themes related to our work, we do have special topics of focus.
Conservation and Reconciliation
How can conservation be a platform for reconciliation and redress? How is Indigenous science impacting the historically Eurocentric conservation sector? What cross-cultural collaboration are having success on the ground and honouring Indigenous stewardship?
Climate Change and Impacts on Birds

In past issues, our feature article delved into the news of devastating bird species decline. Depending on the news/research source, causes included “loss of important lands and waters, unsustainable agricultural practices, climate change and pollution”, and “urban development, predation from outdoor cats, collisions with buildings and windows, and widespread pesticide use”. What stories can be shared about effective ways to address this decline – through habitat protection, stewardship and restoration; helping the natural world thrive and be resilient; through policy and system change?

Submission Guidelines

We are seeking research write-ups, short articles and feature- length stories with a scope anywhere in BC, or birding globally; length between 600- 3500 words. Photography must be submitted in high resolution, 300dpi as jpg, png, tif, or eps files. We currently do not accept artwork and illustration unless commissioned by us. 

Email your submission, or queries, to


Spring/Summer: April 2

Fall/Winter: October 2.