Coast Salish Plant Nursery

The Coast Salish Plant Nursery carries a wide range of plants – perennials, groundcovers, shrubs, and trees - that are native to the region. Our aim is to recognize and emphasize the cultural associations of Coast Salish plants, and how they can be used to improve habitat value for local wildlife.

Nursery display. Photo by Madeline Edmonds

We propagate some of our stock on-site, and obtain the rest from nearby wholesale sources. Proceeds from the Nursery support habitat restoration and educational programming on Coast Salish culture and ecology.

Regular Coast Salish plant walks are coordinated with plant sale hours, and continue through the summer. Join local ethnobotanist Senaqwila Wyss as she walks through Maplewood Flats teaching about indigenous plant use, from medicines for teas to edible berries! See the event page for more details.

Additional Information


Across from Corrigan Nature House at Maplewood Flats Conservation Area.

Volunteer opportunities

We welcome volunteers to help with plant education and sales. Visit our volunteer page to get in touch and learn more.


  • 4” pots – $7.50
  • 10” pots – $12.50
  • Larger sizes – $20-$75


Year-round sales hours are by appointment. Contact to inquire about our current inventory and arrange a time to pick up your plants!

Regular sales hours in April-June, on Saturdays from 11am-3pm.


We accept cash or credit card.

oregon grape
Cow Pea