Blackberry - Trailing (Rubus ursinus)


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Trailing blackberry
Rubus ursinus

Type – SHRUB

Exposure: Sun – Shade
Moisture: Moist – Dry
Max height: 0.5 ft
Growing ease: high

Use by people: The indigenous species of blackberry leaves can be used similarly with its relatives- raspberry and salmon berry leaves for pain. This is not a pain killer, but a muscle strengthener. This family of berry plants heals and strengthen sore or damaged muscles and is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding as it also helps the uterine muscle. The berries can be eaten fresh in July and August, and can be preserved in a fruit leather for winter use. They’re high in antioxidants.

Features: The low growing, as the name suggests- trailing and crawling on the forest floor, these are much smaller than the invasive species of Himalayan blackberry (please remove these!).

Photo: Trailing Blackberry by Maddie Edmonds.

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