Plant - Non-native trees/shrubs

Plant - Non-native trees/shrubs

Various trees and shrubs. Select from the drop down menu below.



Plant - Non-native trees/shrubs

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Boxwood, Cedar – Incense REG (Calecedrus decurrens), Cedar – Incense LG, Sweet Chestnut REG (Castanea sativa), Sweet Chestnut LG (Castanea sativa), Beech – Copper (Fagus sylvatica), Ash – Fragrant (Fraxinus cuspidata), Ash – Golden (Fraxinus excelsior), Ash – Green (Fraxinus pensylvanica), Redwood – Dawn (metasequoia glyptostroboides), Pine – Mediterranean Stone REG (Pinus pinea), Pine – Mediterranean Stone LG (Pinus pinea), Oak – European (Quercus robus), Oak – Eastern Red (Quercus rubra), Redwood – California Coast (Sequoia semperirens), Linden – small-leafed (Tilia cordata), Linden – Large-leafed (Tilia platyphyllos), Elm – Wych (Ulmus glabra)


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