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Posted 8/1/2015
ARC'TERYX Volunteer Day!


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Congratulations to ARC'TERYX on another successful volunteer day at The Conservation Area!

Wild Bird Trust’s Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats is a short walk from our Head Office, Research and Design facility on Dollarton Avenue in North Vancouver. Many of our staff spend time there, taking a quiet moment during the day or enjoying a walk before or after work.
Volunteering time to help The Conservation Area maintain its pristine shoreline is an easy decision, no matter what the weather! We appreciate having the “green gem” close by and in an area that is primarily industrial and residential, we recognize its vulnerability.
The greatest impact we can have as a company is through hands-on programs. Maintaining recreational environments that directly involve the communities of our staff and their families is one of the guiding pillars of Social Responsibility Programs.
We are happy to help out.

Our contact for all Social 
Responsibility Programs and donations is Joanne Mayzes