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Private Donations

Donate today! Help us to grow and protect wildlife habitat.

If you would like to donate to Wild Bird Trust, please contact membership secretary Elsie Webb: Tel 604 929 2379 or e-mail  Your donations are very much appreciated and you will receive a receipt for the full amount, for income tax purposes!

Community & Corporate Donations

Is your company looking for a worthy cause to support? Consider donating to the Wild Bird Trust of BC. Corporate sponsors will receive public recognition in our Nature House and Website. As a charity we can provide tax-deductible donations.

Contact: Irwin Oostindie, Board President, or phone 604 929 2379

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a charitable gift that is made in a way that maximizes tax and estate planning benefits.  Such gifts generate badly needed dollars for charitable causes and meaningful tax relief for the contributors.

WBT Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia is a registered charity and therefore can participate in and offer the benefits that arise from Planned Giving bequests.

In addition to making a simple cash gift to a charity, there are additional ways in which a person may make a charitable donation that may generate significant tax savings, either to the donor during his or her lifetime or to the donors estate after death.  Such alternate types of Planned Gifts to a charity such as Wild Bird Trust of B. C. could include any of the following:

  • Gifts of tangible property, including shares and real estate.
  • Gifts of Canadian cultural property and ecologically or environmentally sensitive land qualify for enhanced benefits.
  • Bequests made under a will can provide tax relief to the donor's estate.
  • Gifts of a life insurance policy during the donor's lifetime either of a new policy or an existing policy that the donor no longer needs.
  • The gift of the proceeds of a life insurance policy on the donor's death may provide benefits to the donor during his or her lifetime and to the donor's estate upon death.
  • Gifts of the proceeds of RRSP's or RRIF's upon the donor's death.
  • For wealthy donors there are more complex structures available such as annuities, charitable trusts and endowment funds that may provide significant tax benefits.

If you have been thinking about making a charitable gift to Wild Bird Trust of B.C. and any of the above-mentioned items are of interest to you, Wild Bird Trust would be pleased to make additional information available to you and to assist you in structuring such a gift.  

For additional information please contact: Irwin Oostindie, Board President, or phone 604 929 2379

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